Friday, May 16, 2014

Pictures from the Chicago Lyme Protest 2014

Message from Jim Berger, Illinois State Coordinator: 

" Thank You All Lyme Warriors, I believe the Chicago Lyme Awareness Protests were a huge success. Well over a thousand (close to 1500) bags of Lyme Literature and/or Lyme Awareness pamphlets were disseminated to interested people. The highlight was our visit to the IL State Medical Society (ISMS) and the obvious threat felt by the medical doctors there. Throughout the protest, first the doorman and then a security guard came by to keep us off their store front property. Finally, the Chief of Security came down demanding to know under what authority we had to be there. I was able to pull out a letter from the City of Chicago authorizing our public assembly on the streets of Chicago to promote Lyme Disease Awareness. My good friend Dave assured them we would be back again next year! At the Tribune Building a WGN radio reporter came out and talked with Dave at length. At Water Tower Place, thousands of people became aware of our fight for Lyme awareness prevention and proper treatment. And again the fantastic and enthusiastic effort by Lyme warriors from Illinois and Indiana brought up to date and accurate information on Lyme Disease prevention to literally hundreds of people. Hoo...ah!!!"

Jim Berger protesting for Lyme Disease Awareness

Day 1

To see more pictures from Day 1 Please visit:

Day 2

Lyme patients protest for Lyme awareness in Chicago, Illinois 2014 Photo Credits: Jennifer Bialk Scott

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