Rally Organizers

            Lyme Awareness Rally Organizers & Spirochete Slayers:  Jim Berger & Dave Marsh

Jim Berger
Hello, my name is Jim Berger. I have been employed as a Medical Device Engineer at major healthcare companies since 1979, first in Orange County, California and then in Lake County, Illinois. In my professional career I have worked on the following products: Cardiac Output Computers, Holter EKG Monitoring Recorders and Playback Equipment, Ophthalmic Laser Systems, Plasmapheresis and Plateletpheresis equipment, Medication Delivery Infusion Pump Automated Test systems, and Renal Peritoneal Dialysis equipment. I have held positions in Engineering Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality & Reliability Engineering, Field Service support, and Systems Engineering. Since 1985 in my spare time, I have also studied different modalities of energy medicine such as Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Eden Energy Medicine, Intuitive Shiatsu, Native American shamanism and Hawaiian shamanism.  

I had been an amateur runner, cycler and triathlete in Southern California; however, after moving to Antioch, IL, on the Illinois/Wisconsin border in the early 1990s, I started having severe pain and cramps in my joints and temporary partial paralysis of my legs, feet and arms, hands, cramps in the abdomen and chest, temporary blindness, as well as, numerous mental issues. In late summer 2007, I had an insect bite that looked like a brown recluse spider bite that resulted in necrosis of the skin and a hospital stay of almost a week. Over the next few years I ended up having a couple heart attacks, severe breathing issues, pancreatitis and then gall bladder (overfilled with stones) removal. Doctors put off my severe breathing issues as chronic bronchitis and told me to get rid of my cats. Finally after hearing about lyme disease, I ended up going to a chiropractor and naturopath, who ran the Igenix tests for Lyme disease which came back positive, as well as, further tests that came back with high levels of mycoplasma pneumonia and chlamydia pneumonia. Everything began to make sense, I had indoor outdoor cats, one who lived 23 and ½ years with me. She was a great huntress, bringing mice, moles, and birds she killed up to my bedroom at night. It is now obvious that the red blood spots I would occasionally see on my sheets were from engorged ticks that were crushed by my body while sleeping. If If had ended up with a bull’s-eye rash where I could have seen it, I would have probably ignored it not knowing it would indicate Lyme disease. I did not even know what Lyme disease was at that time. Then, after learning about it, I found out that tick bites could present a wound, looking similar to a brown recluse spider bite. Finally, about six months ago, I had a stroke, resulting in partial blindness and memory loss. I am 64 years old now and was to be laid off from my engineering job at the end of last year, but was put onto full disability last October due to the stroke. Since the stroke, it takes me about four times as long to accomplish any type of mental task.
To digress a bit, over ten years ago I started researching Rife technology, when my sister-in-law, Kathy,  was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. That story can be found on my website at www.bestsolu.com. After finding out about lyme disease, I read Brian Rosner’s book on Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. I purchased one and built two Doug Coil Machines and read what I could about other experimental Rife and Lakhovsky type machines being used for treatment of different types of pathogen based disease. Over a three month period of time over two years ago, I used my 1958 vacuum tube replica Rife Machine and pathogen frequencies from the cpsBioResearch website at www.dnafrequencies.com, treating myself for Borellia, Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and Chlamydia. After so many years of sickness, I started feeling normal again and decided to stop experimenting on myself until I could find a way to verify and validate the results. I stopped treating myself and over the past two years began my studies in biology, microbiology, anatomy & physiology, darkfield & phase contrast microscopy. However, along with my normal engineering job, and the return of my lyme and co-infection symptoms my body and mind broke down resulting in partial blindness and memory loss.

I have joined the Worldwide Lyme Awareness Rally to stand up to the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA), against their campaign of misinformation about Lyme disease, and against their position that after a couple weeks of antibiotics Lyme disease is cured. In Chicago during the Worldwide Lyme Awareness Rally, May 10 and 11, I would like to raise awareness of our Lyme community’s plight to get proper treatment by targeting primarily the Chicago Tribune for supporting the IDSA view and completely ignoring the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) view that Chronic Lyme Disease does exist, and that it has reached epidemic levels around the world. We will not be ignored any longer. Chicago Tribune, at least fairly present both views.
In recognition of Worldwide Lyme Awareness, I have started a new project to develop low cost medical device(s) to diagnose and assist in the treatment of lyme disease and its coinfections. It will be an open source development project with a goal to have a first prototype available by the end of July this year. Anybody and everybody can be involved. Let’s come together and share our knowledge and wisdom to help ourselves. As a group let’s design our own medical devices and microscopy techniques to help prove the existence of chronic lyme disease.  See the Lyme disease and Rife-Crock machine blog:   http://rifecrock.blogspot.com/ , which I will be starting up soon.

Your friend, Jim
Dave Marsh
Here are my reasons for being involved with Lyme awareness / support. I know this story is similar to many other people but here it is... 13 years ago this upcoming June I went up to Lake Pepin Wisconsin on another camping / fishing vacation. My family had been going there a couple times a year since I was a kid. 2 weeks after that trip I developed a paper plate sized bulls eye rash on the right side of my spine. After that rash my life changed dramatically. I've always worked outside, and first thing I noticed was my wrists, knees, and elbows being in constant pain, eventually having both wrists operated on and having to have my tendons in my elbows reattached to the bone. Then they told me I now had a bunch of new ailments that have no history in my family. OK that’s enough, I'll finish up. The neurological, physical, and mental strain of not being able to have any of the 30 doctors I had seen "including Mayo clinic" give you any definitive answers is devastating. Once I got to a legitimate LLMD and started the long road back to where I am today I found this support group with people who had gone through the same nightmares I'd been through, it felt comforting ! I decided I wanted to try and help people not have to go through what we had gone through. I love when people meet us and realize they are not alone. My wish is that people soon will be able to be diagnosed and treated in a timely and appropriate fashion. I can't even put to words how important it is to me for children to get treated properly so that they can run and play like normal healthy kids.

Your friend,  Dave